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Simplify how you exchange your B2B documents in the cloud—and avoid infrastructure headaches and costs. With webMethods.io B2B, built on the industry-leading webMethods Trading Networks, you can quickly transmit electronic business documents—like purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notices — to customers, distributors, and trading partners without any hardware investment, maintenance, or upgrades.

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Frequently asked questions & answers

webMethods.io B2B is Software AG’s secure, format-neutral, business-document gateway that recognizes and processes documents exchanged between partners. It supports standard communication protocols, such as HTTP/S, AS2, SFTP, and RNIF, and has built-in support for both XML and EDI documents. Built-in transaction monitoring and management allow for easy document reprocessing as needed. The B2B platform also seamlessly integrates with webMethods.io Integration for rapidly connecting to both cloud and on-premises applications using both no-code and low-code approaches.  
A 30-day webMethods.io B2B free trial is available for everyone on Software AG Cloud. 

There are a bunch of learning options depending on your taste. For example, if you prefer video, watch our webMethods.io B2B tutorial series on YouTube or sign up for a FREE webMethods.io B2B self-paced training course and earn a badge.

Check out the Documentation and our Community for tutorials, examples, and code samples if you're more into written content. Since the best way to learn a technology is using it, simply start your webMethods.io B2B free trial here

The webMethods.io B2B user interface (UI) is designed for system administrators rather than software engineers. The browser-based UI separates the system configuration from the underlying technology. Users are expected to understand the basics of B2B communication protocols, such as HTTP/S and AS2, as well as data formats like EDI and XML. Knowledge of digital certificates and public key infrastructure (PKI) is also very useful.
webMethods.io B2B is a cloud/iPaaS solution and thus does not depend on your hardware/OS. You can use whatever you prefer and don’t need to care about maintenance, updates, or scaling. 
There are predefined document types for the most common EDI standards, including EANCOM, ODETTE, TRADACOMS, UNEDIFACT, VDA, and X12 (along with the UCS and VICS variants). Core document types for RNIF2.0 are also preconfigured, while RNIF transaction document types are easily created by importing the XSD schemas. You can also import XSD schemas to define document types for handling arbitrary XML structures. 
For how-to questions and tutorials, visit Software AG Tech Community & Forums. For technical support, open a support incident (only available for paid tenants). 

Transaction data for free tenants are only retained for 30 days compared to 365 days for paid tenants.

Also, note that all support for free tenants is self-service through our Software AG Tech Community Forums. Only paid tenants can open a support incident

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