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What is Cumulocity IoT?

Cumulocity IoT is an independent device and application management IoT platform. It connects and manages your devices and assets efficiently and can control them remotely. Connect your devices and assets over any network. Monitor conditions and generate real-time analytics.

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How can I try Cumulocity IoT?

A 30-day Cumulocity IoTfree trial is available for everyone on Software AG Cloud. Register in less than 30 seconds and test without any obligation. A cloud environment will be spinned up for you where you have full control. Cumulocity IoT runs in your browser and does not depend on your machine or operating system. You can use whatever you prefer and don’t need to care about maintenance, updates or scaling.


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Welcome to Cumulocity IoT!

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Frequently asked questions & answers

Cumulocity IoT is a market-leading IoT Platform that combines device connectivity and device management with application enablement and analytics. Cumulocity IoT offers everything you need out of the box, including documented APIs, SDKs, and a modern user interface on which you can configure and develop your unique IoT solution. This reduces the effort to build and maintain your IoT solution and accelerates your time-to-market in comparison to similar products. 
A 30-day Cumulocity IoT free trial is available for everyone.

There are a bunch of learning options depending on your taste. If you prefer video, sign up for a FREE Cumulocity IoT self-paced training course to earn your professional certification badge.  

If you’re more into written content check out the Documentation and our Community tutorials, examples, and code samples. Since the best way to learn a technology is using it, simply start your Cumulocity IoT free trial here

No special knowledge is required to use Cumulocity IoT. With different standard applications, it addresses the needs of multiple user groups and has been designed around the needs of business end-users, IT administrators, device operators, and of course, IoT engineers. While no special knowledge is required to use Cumulocity IoT, if you want to extend it, you should check the Developer Guide
Cumulocity IoT is offered as a cloud-native solution and thus does not depend on your hardware/OS. As a result, you can use whatever you prefer and don’t need to care about maintenance, updates, or scaling. 
If you are a free trial user, you can share your question on the Community Forum, and we will make sure to answer as soon as possible. You can also directly reach out to us using the feedback form within the application.  
The free trial is limited to 30 days but can be extended upon request. Additional features like our DataHub, machine learning capabilities, microservice hosting, etc., are not part of the free trial. If you want to try out these features, please get in contact with us. 

Yes, there is a so called IoT Education Package available for education and research purposes. This free of charge introductory course includes an entire IoT scenario with training materials and is realized using a smartphone. Further benefits like a 90 days subscription and an online certification complete the educational offering.

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