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                What is API Management?

Our webMethods API Management platform includes everything you need to manage APIs and microservices so you can go to market faster. Fused with application and network integration, our API platform gives you the visibility and control you need to take on innovative cloud initiatives with confidence.

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Apr 29, 2022
webMethods.io API v10.12 Release Announcement
Mar 3, 2022
Deprecation announcement for Solaris® SPARC with webMethods Integration and API products
Feb 23, 2022
Announcement for API Portal global public swap program

Upcoming Events

Sep 7, 2022
webMethods Usergruppentreffen Österreich

Frequently asked questions & answers

webMethods API Management is a leading platform for everything-API. It provides capabilities to manage the full lifecycle of APIs, from inception to retirement.

A 30-day webMethods.io API free trial is available for everyone on softwareag.cloud. 

And 90-day trials are available on Docker Hub for API Gateway, Microgateway, API Portal and Developer Portal

There are a bunch of learning options depending on your taste. If you prefer video, watch our webMethods.io API tutorial series on YouTube and API Feature demos Extended Playlist or sign up for a FREE webMethods API Management self-paced training course to earn your professional certification badge.  

If you’re more into written content, check out the webMethods.io API Documentation or webMethods API Management docs (for on premise). Or explore our Community tutorials, examples and code samples. Since the best way to learn a technology is using it, simply start your webMethods.io API free trial here.

webMethods API Management is for anybody working with APIs. Whether you’re an API Developer, API Product Manager or a security admin. The platform is for you. 
webMethods.io API is offered as a cloud solution and thus does not depend on your hardware/OS. You can use whatever you prefer and don’t need to care about maintenance, updates or scaling. 

Free trial users can post their questions on our Tech Community Forum. You just need to have a Tech Community account – creating one will always be free and takes 30 seconds.  

Users with a customer license have access to our Empower portal and customer support. 

There is only a time limitation – 30 days for Softwareag.cloud free trial and 90 days for the Docker images on Docker Hub. 

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